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British Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth II. Royal Mint. New Zealand Two Dollars 2002 KM#121 [ Reverse ] mule with the United Kingdom 2002 Two Pence [ Obverse ] KM#987. 

Struck on a New Zealand two-dollar planchet with a receded security groove around its edge. Obverse die match to the Royal Mint 2002 UK Two Pence. 9.94g. Metallurgical analysis conducted indicates 97% Copper 2.2% Nickel 0.3% Zinc and 0.2% Gold. 
Fourth, crowned bust of Elizabeth II facing right by Ian Rank-Broadley facing right; ELIZABETH · II · · · REG · F · · 2002 / White Heron; TWO DOLLARS. 
This excessively rare coin of the late Elizabeth II appears to be unique with evidence of circulation; however, it is noteworthy to be found undiscovered, with no other example surfacing after more than two decades since its striking. An incredible mule within the British series resulting from mismatched dies warranting substantial interest to both New Zealand and United Kingdom collectors. 

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