Roman Empire. Nero Aureus. 65-66 AD. RIC 52.


England. Elizabeth I Pound. 1583-1600 AD. Spink 2534. 


England. Oliver Cromwell Shilling. 1658 AD. Spink 3228. 

British India. Queen Victoria Mohur. 1841 AD. KM#462.1.


British India. Queen Victoria Five Rupees. 1870 AD. KM#475.


British India. Queen Victoria Mohur. 1862 AD. KM#480.


British India. Empress Victoria Mohur. 1879 AD. KM#496.


British India. King George V 15 Rupees. 1918 AD. KM#525.


1899 Bank of New Zealand One Pound


Byzantine Empire. Constantine IV Solidus. 668-685 AD. Sear 1157


Athens. Owl Tetradrachm. 454-404 AD. SNG Copenhagen 31. 


Alexander the Great. Kassander as Regent. 307-297 BC. Price 480. 


Roman Imperatorial. Gaius Julius Caesar. 42 BC. RSC 29


SS Elingamite Shipwreck. Edward VII Half Sovereign. 1902 AD. Ex Webbs Maritime Sale from the Kelly Tarlton Museum.  


Roman Empire. Nero Denarius. 64-65 AD. RIC 53


Roman Provincial. Faustina Junior. 149-150 AD. RPC Temp. 16376.1. In better condition then Dattari’s Plate Specimen ( Neville Numismatics Auction 65 Lot 293 ). Likely the Finest Specimen Known. 


Ancient Greece. Apulian Red Figure Kantharos. 


England. Richard II Half Noble. 1377-1399 AD. Spink 1665.


Roman Empire. Septimius Severus Sestertius. British Campaign Commemorative. 211 AD. RIC 818        


British India. King George V 15 Rupees. 1918 AD. KM#525.

Ancient Rome. Vespasian Aureus. 70 AD. RIC 28. 

United States of America. New Orleans Morgan Dollar. 1893 AD. KM#110.


British Postal Order. King George V. 20 Shillings. No other known examples issued in New Zealand. Dated 8 October 1918 and addressed to Lance Corporal Urban Broadmore whom died on the 29 September 1918. 

1935 New Zealand Proof Halfcrown

Roman Empire. Carausius Antoninianus. 286-293 AD.

Unlisted in RIC, the reverse has since been recorded from a single coin, so this is now the second known example of this legionary issue. The obverse showing a consular bust holding Victory appears to be an entirely new type.

Conserved & restored by us on behalf of the finder. Later sold by Dix Noonan Webb with special acknowledgements to them for the use of their auction photos post-conservation.



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