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Twenty years in planning and research and two years in the writing, this book has long been wanted by the New Zealand numismatic community. It is an illustrated coffee table book for the casual reader as well as being a thorough catalogue and reference work for banknote collectors, investors and historians.

It covers all the varieties of paper currency which has been domiciled and used in New Zealand from 1837 to 1934. It also covers New Zealand controlled issues in foreign countries until 1963.

"The amount of research for images and documentation and then to collate and present in the easy-flowing manner is truly impressive. There is enough information on all the issuers and notes at a fundamental level, if further information is required then this is a more than adequate starting point. It's good to see the Unofficial and Extraterritorial issuers covered in the book. Most people would not know there were so many private issuers of notes/currency in early New Zealand, even those with a numismatics interest." 


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