Guarantee of Authenticity


Aventine Numismatics & Collectables is a registered business in New Zealand. We guarantee the authenticity of all items sold and the accuracy of their description.


Authenticity of Ancient Coinage 

We expressly guarantee that all ancient coins are genuine and as described / attributed by us. Should we offer for sale any reproduction items, it would be clearly stated in its description. This policy explicitly covers all coins and banknotes sold by us as well. 


Contemporary Imitations of Ancient Coinage 

Our return and refund policy expressly covers against any modern forgeries.

Particularly with ancient coins, we may offer fourree issues. A fourree is a contemporary counterfeit coin struck from a base metal ( copper or bronze ) and layered / plated with precious metal such as gold and silver to pass it off as a higher denomination. These coins are imitations made during the time in which the coins would have circulated to be passed off as legal tender. 

It would be explicitly stated in our description if a particular coin offered by us is a fourree / contemporary imitation. Should it be found that a coin sold by us is deemed to be a fourree / contemporary imitation when we had not stated it to be so, compensation options would be offered. 


Further Guarantee

Should you receive an item that is deemed with certainty to be a forgery by a notable numismatist or another qualified relevant authority, we would arrange for a free return at our expense as well as a refund of all costs charged by us. 

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