The Anglo-Saxon period saw the introduction of the first English coins in the late 8th century. These coins, known as pennies, were struck in silver and featured simple designs inspired by Roman coinage that formerly circulated in Britain.

The Norman period began with the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 AD under William the Conquer. Coins of this period and the Anglo-Saxon kings were created by hammering a blank piece of metal between two dies. These coins were often irregular in shape and size because they were made by hand.

New milled coinage was introduced during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1561 AD, enabling the production of more accurate and consistent coins. However, it was only in the early 1660s, under the reign of Charles II, that this coinage method became widely adopted.

Anglo-Saxon Coins ( 410 - 1066 AD ) 

Hammered English Coins ( 1066 - 17th Century AD ) 

Milled English Coins ( 17th Century AD - Present Day )

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[ Random ] Great Britain Gold Sovereigns

British Sovereigns are one of the most popular and recognizable forms of gold bullion worldwide and as well as being a legal tender UK coin for £1. Its’ classic design...
EnglishMilled English Coins

2022 Charles III 50 Pence

The Royal Mint. King Charles III. 2022 Fifty Pence.Heptagonal (7-sided) coin. Commemorate the reign of Britain's longest-serving monarch. This coin features His Majesty's first definitive coinage portrait. On the reverse...

2023 King Charles III Westminster Abbey 50 Pence

The Royal Mint. King Charles III. 2023 Fifty Pence. Heptagonal (7-sided) coin. Commemorate the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023. On the reverse side, a depiction of...

1759 George II Gold Half Guinea

England. King George II. 1759 Half-Guinea. Old laureate head left, rev. crowned shield of arms, seven strings to harp, edge obliquely milled. 4.18g. Spink 3685.
$1,855.00 $1,604.00
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Aethelred II Anglo-Saxon king of England Silver Penny. 978 - 1016 AD. S1154

Aethelred II Silver Penny of York.Obverse: Diademed bust of Aethelred II left. +EDELRED REX ANGLO RX:Reverse: Small Cross. +THORVULF MO EOFRR.Weight: 1.3 gramsMint: YorkMoneyor: ThorwulfReference: Spink 1154Notes: This coin has...
$786.00 $629.00
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1889 Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Gold Sovereign

Queen Victoria. 1889 Sovereign. London mint. 7.98g. 22ct Gold ( 0.917 gold fineness ). 0.2355oz Pure Gold Content / AGW. *Tested by our Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier. Please get...
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1900 Britain Queen Victoria Gold Sovereign

Queen Victoria. Veiled Head 1900 Sovereign. London Mint. British Sovereigns are one of the most popular and recognizable forms of gold bullion worldwide and as well as being a legal...
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1803 George III Gold 1/3 Guinea of Seven Shillings

Great Britain. King George III. 1803 One Third Guinea, the last year of issue. Struck from 0.917 Gold. KM# 648
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Hiberno-Norse Phase III Silver Penny. 1035 - 1060 AD. Spink 6132

Hiberno-Norse period, Phase III, PennyObverse: draped bust leftReverse: Long voided cross, hand in two quarters, large pellet in third, blundered legends both sidesMint: DublinWeight: 0.84g/3h Reference: (SCBI BM 98-9; SCBI...
$1,730.00 $1,415.00