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Assorted Mix of 10 Coins from around the World [ Random ]

Uncover the rich stories of our past featuring timeless pieces of monetary history from all around the world from the 19-20th century. This box includes:- A diverse array of world...
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Mystery Box: Ancient Roman Treasures & Historic Silver Coins

Uncover the rich stories of our past featuring timeless pieces of monetary history from all around the world. 19th and 20th century circulating coins, some made from real silver, and...
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2022 Charles III 50 Pence

The Royal Mint. King Charles III. 2022 Fifty Pence.Heptagonal (7-sided) coin. Commemorate the reign of Britain's longest-serving monarch. This coin features His Majesty's first definitive coinage portrait. On the reverse...
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2015 New Zealand Anzac 50 Cents Commemorative Coin

New Zealand. Queen Elizabeth II. 2015 Anzac Fifty Cents. KM# 376The 2015 Anzac Day coin was issued on the Centenary of the Australian and New Zealand lands on Gallipoli on 25...
$5.00 $4.00
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France, Louis XII AV Gold Ecu D'or Au Soleil de Provence. 1498 AD. Ciani 903

France, Kingdom. Louis XII AV Écu d'or au soleil de Provence.Obverse: crowned lis LVDOVICVS : D : G : FRANCO : REX : PROVIN' CO : T . L .,...
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GERMANY. Pfalz-Kurlinie. Friedrich I (1449-1476). Silver Weisspfennig. Bacharach

GERMANY. Pfalz-Kurlinie. Friedrich I (1449-1476). Weisspfennig. Bacharach.Obverse: FRID C P R DVX BA. Bust of St. Peter facing, holding cross and key.Reverse: MONE NOVA BACh.Quartered coat-of-arms.Weight: 1.97 g.Diameter: 24 mm.Reference:...
$158.00 $142.00
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GERMANY. Brandenburg-Prussia. Georg Wilhelm, 1622. Silver Ort

GERMANY. Brandenburg-Prussia. Georg Wilhelm (1619-1640). Ort (1622). Königsberg.Obverse: GEORG WILHELM V G G M Z BRAN. Crowned and armored bust right, sceptre on shoulder and pommel of sword in his...
$126.00 $114.00
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GERMANY. Saxony. August as Elector of Saxony, 1569. Silver Taler.

GERMANY. Saxony. August (1553-1586). Taler (1569-HB). Dresden.Obverse: AVGVSTVS D G DVX SAXONIE SA ROMA IM. Armored half-lenght figure right, holding sword with both hands.Rev: ARCHIMARS CHAL ET ELEC. Garnished coat-of-arms.Weight:...
$944.00 $849.00
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GERMANY. Saxony. Johann Georg I 1632. Silver 1/4 Taler.

GERMANY. Saxony. Johann Georg I (1615-1656). 1/4 Taler (1632-HI).Obverse: IOHAN GEORG D G DUXSAX IVL CLIV ET MONT. Armored bust right, holding sword.Reverse: SA ROMANI IMP ARCHIMAR ET ELECT. Coat...
$246.00 $221.00
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GERMANY. Bavaria. Ludwig I, 1828. Silver Konventionstaler

GERMANY. Bavaria. Ludwig I (1825-1848). Konventionstaler (1828). Blessings of Heaven on Royal Family.Obverse : LUDWIG I KOENIG VON BAYERN / ZEHN EINE FEINE MARK. Bare head right.Reverse: SEGEN DES HIMMELS....
$472.00 $425.00

1759 George II Gold Half Guinea

England. King George II. 1759 Half-Guinea. Old laureate head left, rev. crowned shield of arms, seven strings to harp, edge obliquely milled. 4.18g. Spink 3685.
$1,855.00 $1,604.00
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2003 New Zealand The Lord of the Rings Gold Proof Ten Dollars

New Zealand. Queen Elizabeth II. 2003 One Ring Ten Dollars. 22ct Gold. 38.61mm and 39.94g. 1.177oz AGW. KM#144. The Ring of Power, wrought by the Dark Lord Sauron to conquer...
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Hiberno-Norse Phase III Silver Penny. 1035 - 1060 AD. Spink 6132

Hiberno-Norse period, Phase III, PennyObverse: draped bust leftReverse: Long voided cross, hand in two quarters, large pellet in third, blundered legends both sidesMint: DublinWeight: 0.84g/3h Reference: (SCBI BM 98-9; SCBI...
$1,730.00 $1,415.00