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This book on New Zealand's pre-decimal coins was officially launched on Friday 14 July 2017 at the Decimal 50 conference in Auckland. Order your copy of the book now. If you are into New Zealand coins then this is the book for you. Many people who lived in New Zealand during this period will be aware of the pennies, sixpences shillings, florins and half-crowns that were the coins they dealt with and had in their pockets. However all coin collectors would enjoy the book.

This book looks at all of New Zealand's coins from 1933 to 1965 but also contains information on other significant numismatic items such as the New Zealand Pattern
Penny of 1879, the Royal Visit Medal of 1953 and the proposed coinage of King Edward VIII. Here too you will find, approximately 200 pages of fascinating information, a selected bibliography and an index.

If you are interested in this period of New Zealand's coin history, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book and you will find it an extremely useful resource. It will be a worthy addition to your book collection on coins. The book is perfect bound and has been professionally printed on quality paper.


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