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Kings of Armenia, Tigranes II 'the Great' AR Tetradrachm.

Obverse: Diademed and draped bust to the right, wearing Armenian tiara with five peaks and decorated with a star between two eagles; bead and reel border around

Reverse: Tyche of Artaxata seated to right on rock pile, holding palm branch, river god Araxes swimming to right below; BASILEOS to right, TIGRANOY to left, TH to inner right, DH monogram to lower left, all within wreath.

Mint: Tigranokerta

Minted: circa 80-68 BC.

Weight: 15.90g

Diameter: 16mm

Die Axis: 12h.

Reference: Kovacs 74.2; SCADA Group 1; CAA 19; ACV 31.

Notes: From a prominent European auction house described as Extremely Fine.

This is an exceptional example of the type with minimal wear, exceptional toning and many blue highlights. Examples of Tigranes the Great routinely sell for several thousand USD in this condition.

Tigranes II, known as Tigranes the Great, was a prominent Armenian monarch who ruled from 95-55 BCE. He is celebrated for establishing the powerful Tigranid dynasty and expanding the Armenian Kingdom to its greatest territorial extent. Tigranes forged alliances with powerful neighbours, including the Parthians and Romans, securing his position as a formidable regional force.

However, his alliance with Mithridates VI of Pontus drew the attention and wrath of the Roman Republic.

This led to the Roman–Armenian War (66-63 BCE), resulting in Tigranes' defeat and the loss of some of his territorial gains. Tigranes was ultimately forced to submit to Roman authority, marking the end of his reign's zenith.


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