Among the many old New Zealand Coins and Banknotes, a number of them stand out due to their historical significance and rarity. If you've discovered any items mentioned in this guide, contact Aventine Numismatics today as NZ's Coin Collector and Dealer for an appraisal as well as to discuss your options if you are looking to sell. 


1. 1879 New Zealand Penny 
Despite being one of the most controversial New Zealand numismatic items, the 1879 Penny remains sought-after, dated 61 years before the first Royal Mint pennies in 1940 under King George VI. 
1879 New Zealand Pattern Penny


2. New Zealand 100 Pounds and Early NZ Banknotes before 1934
Before the establishment of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in 1934, New Zealand's "Trading Banks" were issued their own banknotes. The highest denomination in circulation at that time was 100 Pounds. Although these notes have many different denominations and designs, they were all issued in different regions of New Zealand and have a date before 1934 on them.  
New Zealand 100 Pounds

3New Zealand Lefeaux Kiwi Series
The first Reserve Bank of New Zealand banknote depicts Chief  Tāwhiao, the second Maori King, as well as a kiwi and Mitre Peak. The most valuable of the series would be the 50 Pound Lefeaux. 
1934 New Zealand Kiwi Lefeaux 50 Pounds
4. 1935 Waitangi Crown
The 1935 New Zealand Crown commemorates the Treaty of Waitangi on 6th February 1840. It remains one of the most valuable NZ coins ever made. 
1935 New Zealand Waitangi Crown


5. New Zealand Fifty Pounds 
The highest Reserve Bank of New Zealand banknote denomination. It is equivalent in face value and colour to our modern-day One Hundred Dollars.
New Zealand 50 Pounds

6New Zealand 0/K Prefix One Pound 

Although the 0/K Prefix Combination ( 0 Number and K Letter ) One Pound note may appear ordinary at first glance, it is among the most valuable NZ banknotes.

New Zealand 0/K One Pound
7. Star Notes 
Banknotes with a star symbol ( * ) next to their serial number, known as star replacement notes, are made to replace damaged or incorrectly printed notes. Some star replacement notes are extremely valuable - get yours checked out by us if you have one.
New Zealand Star Replacement Banknotes
8. Queen Facing Left $100
Though relatively modern, the value of these $100 bills featuring Queen Elizabeth II facing left has risen significantly in recent years. 
New Zealand One Hundred Dollars
91935 Threepence
The key date of the New Zealand threepence. The New Zealand treasury issued them in limited numbers as a collector’s piece for the 1935 date set to be completed. 
1935 New Zealand Threepence 
101967 New Zealand Bahamas Mule
Due to a minting error, this coin features the obverse side of a Bahamas Island 5 Cent coin and the reverse side of a New Zealand 2 Cent coin.
1967 New Zealand Bahamas Mule
By Joshua Lee


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