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Bank of New Zealand. 1929 Uniform Issue I One Hundred Pounds. Wellington domicile. Clifford D881s.


The Bank of New Zealand's One Hundred Pounds holds a unique place in New Zealand’s history as the largest denomination ever issued for circulated. 

A 20th-century bank teller’s quote in Banknotes of New Zealand Trading Banks by Robert Pepping: 


"I have never seen a 100 Pound note[…]. For the ordinary mortal, it is one of those things that are too good to be true."


A VIP Specimen

Specimen banknotes were created to mark the release of a new note issue and were typically kept for museum and banking archival purposes and, occasionally, presented to highly influential figures. They often came onto the market after their interest by collectors was realized by their owners or those who inherited one. Because of the high value of £100, this note was printed without a serial number and ink stamped with the word "SPECIMEN" to prevent its use in circulation.


100% MONEY


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