🌟 The Stars Among Us 

There are only NINE other known examples of the Wilks 002 Star replacement banknote in the world at present. Could your one become the 10th example known? 



The first-ever New Zealand notes to feature an asterisk " * " after their serial number came into circulation under Reserve Bank Chief Cashier Wilks ( 1968-1975 ). Although they might seem ordinary, some of these notes' scarcity has made them extremely valuable.  


📜 Its History


As the Reserve Bank printed ordinary New Zealand notes, mishaps and other accidents occurred, leading to damaged notes that were later destroyed. Replacement notes were created with a small star/asterisk after the serial number to take their place. Most of these early Wilks star notes never got saved, making some of them into super rarities today. 


💲Have You Discovered a Star Note?

If you've stumbled upon a 002 Wilks or even any other star note, don't hesitate to contact us to get them checked out. Aventine Numismatics offers Free Appraisals and Consultations should you desire to sell these rare finds. 


Our track record in dealing with rarities speaks for itself. Out of the last Nine Examples of the 002* $5 Wilks known to exist at the time of this publication, we have handled and sold the last two that have come onto the market since. 



By Joshua Lee


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