Unearthed from the ashes of Pompeii and via the Rothschild family, and kept in the collection of the Boulton Baronetcy in the County of Hertford for three generations.
This specimen's exceptional combination of a rare pedigree from the Roman world's most famous disaster while simultaneously being one of the most significant items of the British series commemorating the conquest of Britain by emperor Claudius is breathtakingly unheard of. Sold via private treaty sale through Aventine Numismatics. 

Claudius. 46-47 AD DE BRITANN ( "The Britons Defeated" ) AV Aureus. From the Boscoréale Treasure found in the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii in August 79 AD, and thence likely via Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

43 AD: Claudius receives the surrender of eleven kings of the Britons, and is credited for initiating the Roman conquest and rule in Britain.

46-47 AD: Commemorative De Britainn Aurei issued by Claudius, depicting the Arch of Claudius.

79 AD: Volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius ( Pompeii ). The intense heat, volcanic compounds and subsequent burial from the most famous ancient natural catastrophe resulted in a distinctive reddish-orange discolouration called Boscoreale tone on surviving gold coins.

13 April 1895 - Vincenzo De Prisco excavates the Villa della Pisanella and discovers the Boscoréale Hoard containing hundreds of Roman aurei dated from the Republic to the early Empire, including this coin. The treasure was subsequently sold in Paris, divided between the Louvre Museum and the Rothschild family.

Pre 27 April 1918 - Sir Samuel Boulton, 1st Baronet. Vice chairman of the London Chamber of Commerce. In the decades before his death, he bought from Canessa, Rollin & Feuardent, Sotheby's, H. Hoffman and E J Seltman.

April 1918 - June 1935 - Sir Harold Boulton, 2nd Baronet. Composer of The Skye Boat Song. Inherited this coin by a line of descent of the Boulton baronetcy in the County of Hertford.

June 1935 - 1942 - Sir Denis Boulton, 3rd Baronet and Honorary Equerry to Her Royal Highness Princess Louise. A survivor of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania on 7 May 1915. Inherited this coin by a line of descent of the Boulton baronetcy in the County of Hertford.

Spring 1942 - Spink & Son, private purchase of the collection of "SSB", Sir Samuel Boulton through Sir Denis Boulton.

8 April 1942 - Spink & Son Private Treaty Sale to "White Rose" for £12.0.0 ( approx £450 in 2023 ).

April 2023 - Spink & Son "White Rose" Collection Sale, sold for £18,000, and this coin featured on Fox News.

Spring 2023 - Aventine Numismatics, a Private Treaty Sale.




By Joshua Lee


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