An overseas collector recently acquired an album of rare Australasian banknotes. Amid the meticulously labelled and organized collection, a seemingly ordinary New Zealand one-pound banknote was also present, appearing to have been set aside as a mere curiosity. 




Intrigued by its potential significance, the owner contacted Aventine Numismatics on the off-chance it might be something unexpectedly valuable. 


What we discovered astounded us. Almost 60 years ago, the late B. Forster, a numismatist and longtime member of the Numismatic Society of Auckland, once received a One-Pound banknote as part of his salary while working as a law clerk. He was among the first to notice a curious anomaly: the serial number prefix on his was "0/K", while the official prefix issued was supposed to be "K/0". 


As interest in banknote collecting surged during the 1980s, the 0/K One Pound has been regarded as a major numismatic rarity. With only a dozen examples previously known, it is likely the rarest New Zealand banknote type issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. 


We confirmed this fantastic discovery with the owner and authenticated it as a genuine example with a market value of a five-figure sum. On request, Aventine also secured a private treaty sale for the 0/K Pound and arranged for one of our associate partners to travel overseas to collect the item on behalf of a New Zealand collector. 

By Joshua Lee


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